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That’s it for Freetime Posts!

This is the end
Hold your breath and count to ten

Adele – “Skyfall”

As you have noticed (or rather not), not much has happened at Freetime Posts. Passing last exams, writing thesis and graduating takes time and my desperation to graduate this year is higher than ever. On the top of that, I am also working part-time. I cannot complain, I really like my job, but I also need to finish all my assignments there, as I will leave the company after the year full of adventures.

This implies little time is for spending time with friends and having fun with them, especially they also want to graduate, or did so already and left for far far away. This fact cuts out the main inspiration for Freetime Posts. I am not going to be worse than them – I am also going to leave for far far away soon, but will keep you up to date!

However, the formula of Freetime Posts does not fit what I want to cover in my new posts. For this reason, this blog will be no longer developed. It will be still available online, however for optimisation purposes, it will be merged with domain, instead of having its own. You will be still able to look it up here and recall the Couch Story – my contribution to the world’s cultural heritage ;).

Freetime Posts would not exist without an inspiration provided by the people of Erasmus Debating Society. In this place, I want to thank Sezen de Bruijn for motivation by regularly asking about new posts. I want to thank all other members, these who became my friends and those who I have not known too well, but recommended me to join I am still wondering, whether it would be a good idea to do so. Maybe, then I would make such big career on internets, as Cracked contributor Cezary Jan Strusiewicz, who happens to be from the same country as me. Who knows?

I also want to thank all the readers who have not contributed any BTC. It is my duty, as an accounting major, to share information that blog has not generated any revenue, but some little costs. Having this blog taught me a lot about web design and choice of hosting, thus how to save money in the long run. I can say then that the experience with HTML and CSS helped me at my current job and indirectly influenced my move to the new project.

I mentioned accounting major? Well, not much will of it will be used in the coming years. I have been accepted for Computer Science MSc and currently work in IT as technical support. I am taking a gap year soon and begin new fascinating episode in my life, once I land at Vancouver International Airport on September 12th, 2017. The purpose of my new life project is a transition from hobbyist IT guy into a pro, and I will try to achieve that during my time in Canada. Everything will be reported on my new blog, available here. You can be sure, it will be not just another WordPress site!

Features of my new blog,

  • tech-oriented
  • micro section for short posts and live coverage
  • written in informal English
  • made in Canada
  • kittens!

As you see, this is not a farewell, but more “visit my new place” post. Hope you will like!

Credits for the featured image go to the author of Liv Loves Laughing.