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Dylemat studentów SGH – czy ci ze ściągą, to ci najgorsi?

The original, English version of the article is available here. Celem niniejszego wpisu jest próba opisania i znalezienia sposobu rozwiązania problemu związanego ze ściągającymi studentami. Wydarzenia w Szkole Głównej Handlowej, które są opisane na podstawie informacji prasowych oraz komentarzy w mediach społecznościowych, są jedynie punktem zaczepienia i nie zamierzam oceniać tej konkretnej uczelni, jej pracowników, ani studentów. W


The SGH Student Dilemma – Is A Cheater The Worst Person Out There?

Polska wersja artykułu jest dostępna tutaj. Nie jest ona dosłownym tłumaczeniem poniższego wpisu, ale ma za zadanie przekazać tą samą treść. This entry aims to dispute cheating in general and events at Warsaw School of Economics, as they are described in press and social media, are just a starting point for this dispute. I am


A Brief Guide To Polish Politics: Part 1 – The Office of the President

It is my first political text I decided to put online. The reason for that is to give my non-Polish friends some idea how things are done in my country, because it is a bit hard to frame it in terms of Western democracies. There is nothing strange here, since our democracy is just 26


Post-DAPDI trip to HaHa…

…hahahah Introduction Last week in Rotterdam, Netherlands there was an international debating event called DAPDI. It ended on Friday, but due to the maintenance on European rail tracks, I could book my train ticket home for not earlier than Monday. Although DAPDI was an interesting, however exhausting event, I experienced the influx of new energy


The Epic Couch Journey (an episode from the life of EDS)

On Friday, 23rd May 2014, the Erasmus Debating Society Spetsnaz forces conducted a peaceful operation for the Greater Good of the Society. And the comfort of its honourable Board. The operating area included the significant part of the territory of city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Everything began few days earlier with the post on the Society’s